A selection of pieces from my ‘stourhead / fifty- two / twelve / four‘ project: weekly studies throughout 2015 leading to paintings representing each month and season. Exhibited at First View Gallery, Stourhead in May 2016. Read more in the projects page.

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january stourhead ‘stourhead / january’ Acrylic on canvas. 51 x 51cm SOLD


003.-March ‘stourhead / march’ Acrylic on canvas. 51 x 51cm


004. April ‘stourhead / april’ Acrylic on canvas. 56 x 56cm


spring stourhead ‘stourhead / spring’ Acrylic on canvas. 82 x 82cm SOLD


002.-Summer ‘stourhead / summer’ Acrylic on canvas. 107 x 66cm


august stourhead ‘stourhead / august’ Acrylic on canvas. 42 x 51cm SOLD


009.-September ‘stourhead / september’ Acrylic on canvas. 61 x 61cm


october stourhead ‘stourhead / october’ Acrylic on canvas. 77 x 51cm SOLD


012.-December ‘stourhead / december’ Acrylic on canvas. 77 x 46cm SOLD


Nick Andrew. 'winter stourhead'. Acrylic. 107 x 66cm ‘stourhead / winter’ Acrylic on canvas. 107 x 66cm