Nick has worked on commissions for many private clients as well as public / corporate clients, including: St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London; P&O; BHHI Hospital, London; Royal London Hospital; Broadgate Estates; Barnet Hospital; Prudential Assurance; Salisbury Hospital; HQ Properties; St. Georges Hospital, Tooting; Tatchbury Mount Hospital, Southampton.

Commissioned work follows this simple process:

  • Careful consultation with client.
  • Preliminary sketches. Clients are often offered more than one design to choose from (see 2 design sketches below submitted to the client for the finished piece above: ‘Reach Three and Swan Island’ Acrylic on canvas 90 x 60cm  ). There is a small non- refundable deposit payable to cover these. Simulations of finished work in situ.
  • Viewing of work in progress either on line or by studio visit.
  • No commitment to purchase the finished piece (if it will fit into Nick’s studio stock)

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