A range of pieces involved with water in the landscape. See new work at my instagram and facebook pages or contact me to see more images on this theme or to arrange a viewing.

Arca-Glicia-acrylic-oil-on-canvas-68-x-68cm‘arca glicia’ acrylic and oil on canvas 68 x 68cm


Thymalla-152-x-76cm‘thymalla’ acrylic and oil on canvas 152 x 76cm


Nick-Andrew-Alba-Spinea-Oil-and-Acrylic-on-canvas-92-x-92cm‘alba spinea’ acrylic and oil on canvas 92 x 92cm


Serabeia-Acryliuc-and-oil-on-canvas-82x82cm‘serabeia’ acrylic and oil on canvas 82 x 82cm


PhalacoraTriptych-Acryl‘phalacora’ (triptych’) acrylic on canvas 56 x 174cm


Nick-Andrew.-Salea-Volpa-Acrylic-on-canvas-92x51cm‘salea volpa’ acrylic on canvas 91 x 52cm


Nick-Andrew.-Mira-Redda-acrylic-and-oil-on-canvas-137x76cm‘mira redda’ acrylic and oil on canvas 137 x 76cm 


Nick-Andrew-Averia-triptychacrylic-on-canvas-45x140cm‘averia’ (triptych) acrylic on canvas 140 x 45cm


Myra-Fulica-Acrylic-and-oil-on-canvas-81x81cm‘myra fulica’ acrylic and oil on canvas 81 x 81cm 


Nick-Andrew-Phariuna-107x ‘phariuna’  acrylic on canvas 107 x 45cm


1_Vare-Stola-Acrylic-and-oil-on-canvas-76-x-61cm‘vare stola’ acrylic and oil on canvas 76 x 61cm