woodland / meadow

Work based on field and forest landscapes. See new work at my facebook page or contact me to see more images on this theme or to arrange a viewing.

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'meadow at top hatch' acrylic on canvas. 61 x 61cm.. ‘Meadow at Top Hatch’. Acrylic on canvas. 61 x 61cm


larch view and bramble curl. Acrylic on canvas. 107 x  56cm‘Larch view and bramble curl’. Acrylic on canvas. 107 x  56cm


Edge of the woods (After the rain). Acrylic on canvas. 92x92cm.. ‘Edge of the woods (After the rain)’. Acrylic on canvas. 92 x 92cm


Pteridea Acrylic on canvas 135 x 59cm ‘Pteridea’. Acrylic on canvas. 135 x 59cm


'Pontica path (+deer copse)'. Acrylic on canvas 107x46cm.. ‘Pontica Path (+deer copse)’. Acrylic on canvas 107 x 46cm


clover, buttercup and horse straw burning. Acrylic on canvas. 61x61cm.. ‘Clover, Buttercup and Horse straw burning’. Acrylic on canvas. 61 x 61cm SOLD


Bracken path and dryad. Acrylic on canvas 91.5 x 60cm.. ‘Bracken Path and Dryad’. Acrylic on canvas 91.5 x 60cm


Edge of the woods and Job's Mill stretch. Acrylic on canvas. 137x58.5cm..‘Edge of the woods and Job’s Mill stretch’. Acrylic on canvas. 137 x 58.5cm


'august-thistle-bank'.-Acry ‘August Thistle Bank’. Acrylic on canvas. 66 x 66cm


at the entrance to the woods. Acrylic on canvas. 122 x 60cm ‘At the Entrance to the Woods’. Acrylic on canvas. 122 x 60cm